These Photos Of Dads With Their Kids Will Make You Laugh And Also Warm Your Heart

    From fishing lessons to princess makeovers, dads have it all covered.

    Giedre Gomes is an Indiana-based professional photographer who takes stunningly beautiful photos of children and families.

    Also a mother of two boys, she recently created a photo project that, unlike some of her more poised and artistic shots, showed a much more realistic view of motherhood.

    And now, she's turned her lens on dads.

    Gomes told BuzzFeed, "I wanted to show good fathers who are involved in their children's lives."

    She also made a point to include all types of dads in the photo series.

    She said that it took her almost four weeks to convince her own husband (below) to participate because he was worried about negative comments online.

    She's hoping that a lot of dads will see the photos and relate.

    The series captures the dads having fun and playing with their kids:

    Those sweet moments of one-on-one time:

    And even the times where dad can't get a moment alone:

    Sharing a workout session with your little bud:

    Taking some time to kick back and relax, even with your hands full:

    Sharing your hobbies with your biggest fans:

    Spending quality time in the great outdoors:

    Enjoying the calm before the inevitable bubble-storm:

    Taking advantage of a napping baby:

    Taking a break from the madness:

    Changing dirty diapers...

    ...even when it's REALLY stinky:

    Having a play-date:


    And sharing a delicious meal:

    Gomes has a lot of respect for fathers, and wanted to shine a light on loving, involved dads.

    She wishes dads had more time and opportunity to bond with their kids, especially after birth, and that more employers would offer paid time off for fathers.

    You can learn more about Gomes photography or visit her Facebook page.