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This Is The Second Best Thing Anyone Has Ever Done With Cookies And Milk

Warning: This post will probably give you the munchies. Have cookies on standby.

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Peter Bamforth has some pretty sweet skills with cookies and milk.

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Most people would be satisfied just eating delicious Oreos with a tall glass of cold milk. Peter Bamforth had some other ideas...

Peter Bamforth / Via

Here he starts out with just a basic long shot.

Peter Bamforth / Via

Pretty solid trick. Also, delicious.


Peter Bamforth / Via

So tricky! (Still delicious, even though it touched the floor)

And now for a not-so-basic, SUPER long shot!

Peter Bamforth / Via


That Oreo is on a mission to find some milk!

Peter Bamford / Via

Anyone else getting hungry?

One trick, two angles.

BRB, running to the grocery store.

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