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This Thoughtful Husband Raises The Bar With Surprise Anniversary Vow Renewal

There was a marching band and everything.

Steve wanted to do something special for his wife Kelli on their 10th wedding anniversary. He spent 10 months secretly planning an epic proposal and vow renewal ceremony, raising the bar for thoughtful husbands everywhere.

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It started with Kelli being (lovingly) abducted and blindfolded by friends on her way home.

After a quick glam session, the blindfold was removed and the surprises began.

First up, there was a marching band. Not a bad way to start, Steve.

Next up, a lovely group of sirens serenaded Kelli with "Can't Help Falling In Love." Swoon!

Enter all of Steve and Kelli's family and friends. So much love!

Time for the sweetest proposal ever, presented by their two adorable daughters.

It's almost too much. Almost.

From the proposal they headed straight to the ceremony, surrounded by loved ones.

Mazel Tov!

Kelli pretty much sums it up perfectly.