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This Emotional Military Homecoming Turned Into A Surprise Airport Proposal

Get the tissues.

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Emma hadn't seen Jon for 100 days, while he was away at Air Force Basic Training. The two had gotten engaged during a recent phone call, but Jon wanted to give Emma a proper proposal. Emma wanted to surprise him at the gate, but the surprise was on her!

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Kelsey Trabue / Via

After 100 days apart, Emma was excited to greet Jon at the airport gate, with a little help from a friend who worked for the airline.

Kelsey Trabue / Via

Jon had a little help as well. One by one, his fellow passengers came off the plane and handed Emma a rose.

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Finally, the two were reunited, as onlookers cheered.

And then Jon got down on one knee and made it official.

Kelsey Trabue / Via

Congrats, guys!!!!

Kelsey Trabue / Via
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