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This Couple Left Their Own Wedding To Visit The Bride's Grandmother In The Hospital

Go ahead, grab some tissues.

Happy newlyweds Matt & Jamie Seifert left their own wedding to pay a visit to Jamie's Grandma Pat, who had taken ill a week before the wedding. Videographer Rico Roman joined them at the hospital to catch the lovely surprise on film.

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Rico Roman / Via youtube.com

Here's the new Mr. and Mrs. Seifert arriving at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with members of their bridal party in tow.

Grandma Pat was definitely not expecting this wonderful surprise!

So. Much. Joy.

Everyone was clearly overcome with emotion - there is a lot of love here.

Grandma Pat even got a corsage!

Grandma was in such good spirits, she even gave the groom some lighthearted teasing.

Best wedding selfie ever!