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    This Comic Series Brilliantly Illustrates How Men Are Changed By Fatherhood

    Sometimes fatherhood means getting really excited when your kid makes a good poop.

    This is Chen Weng, a Seattle-based game developer, illustrator, and mom of two.

    And this is her husband James, who is the inspiration behind Chen's latest comic series about how his life has changed since becoming a father.

    Chen says that parenthood is what got her back into creating comics, which she hadn't done since she was a lot younger.

    She told BuzzFeed, "One side effect of having children is that it gives you the real sense of mortality. When my second child turned two, I had the urge to start again because if I didn't, I might never achieve my dream."

    In this series, she focused on how being a father changed her husband — and a lot of the themes are pretty universal.

    Chen says, "I was constantly having thoughts and ideas from my daily life. It was fun and meaningful to document my children's growth, as well as mine."

    Chen says she draws from her own experiences and observations, and doesn't have expectations on how others will receive her work.

    She says although her kids don't completely understand the comics yet, they laughed at the pictures.

    James seemed to like the tribute, too.

    Chen, who goes by Messycow Comics online, creates all of her comics in both English and Chinese.

    You can see the full series and learn more about her work on her website and Facebook page.