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    23 Of Rogelio's Most Hilarious Quotes On "Jane The Virgin"

    "I take my craft very seriously. Which you can tell by my use of the word 'craft.'"

    1. When he was there to offer a helping hand.

    2. When he's living large.

    3. When he was feuding with Britney Spears.

    4. When he had to face his fears.

    5. When he ~tweaked~ the name of his newborn grandson.

    6. When he got his groove (and his job) back.

    7. When he owned up to his mistakes.

    8. When he was honest about his goals.

    9. When he was up on the latest trends.

    10. When he was proud of his ~craft~.

    11. When he was honest about his flaws.

    12. When Xo needed a pep talk.

    13. When he'd do anything to save his beautiful face.

    14. When time had nothing on good skin care.

    15. When he was forced to live on a budget.

    16. When he had this completely non-dramatic reaction which was totally calm and plenty chill.

    17. When he needed a new leading lady.

    18. When he knew what was really important.

    19. When he misused the word "emergency."

    20. When he was the master of hashtags.

    21. When he couldn't take a joke.

    22. When he didn't want to box himself in.

    23. And when he realized that being so handsome, talented, and famous was a blessing AND a curse.