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    Updated on Sep 27, 2018. Posted on Sep 25, 2018

    A Bunch Of "The Office" Stuff Is For Sale, So Get Ready To Channel Your Inner-Michael Scott

    Yup, just gonna keep buying stuff until I have to..."DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!"

    Fans of The Office, rejoice! From now until Oct. 5, you can bid on official props, costumes, and set pieces from the greatest workplace comedy of all time (yes, I said it).

    According to the auction site, there are 500 items up for bid!

    That's right! You can channel your inner Stanley Hudson with a set of his actual puzzle books.

    And for the right bid, you can own a true piece of television history.

    Obviously, no auction of props from The Office would be complete without some of Dwight's weapons, so go nuts with his rubber nunchucks!

    You can re-live one of the many cringe-worthy Michael Scott moments with this hangman game, which was actually written on-camera by Steve Carell in Season 6's "Gossip.", NBC / Via Netflix

    Decorate your office with a little Michael Scott flair..., NBC / Via Netflix

    ...or finally finish that scarf that Phyllis has been working on for ages.

    Just want a little memento from the show that won't necessarily break the bank? How about some of Meredith's drink tokens?

    There's also lots of fun office supplies used by the cast/characters on-screen like Jim's desk lamp, Angela's mouse pad, and Erin's message book (with handwritten notes!).

    Throwing an Office-themed party? Push it to 3 p.m. and use this authentic, party planning committee-approved sign!

    And who wouldn't want to own one of the centerpieces of the legendary "Dinner Party" episode?

    I mean, you can basically turn your home or office into Dunder Mifflin, Inc. with this giant, iconic sign.

    Each item comes with an official certificate of authenticity, like this "Gossip" episode script.

    BRB, about to spend ALL of my money.


    Get your bids in HERE!

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