This Hilarious Woman Is Inserting Herself Into "The Bachelor" And It Is Glorious

    Give Molly Hawkey ALL of the roses.

    We all know that The Bachelor is a gift to the world of television.

    You might even call it a national treasure.

    Which is why Molly Hawkey, an improv performer and actress in L.A. has flawlessly edited herself into Season 20 of The Bachelor.

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    Molly Hawkey / Via

    Molly told BuzzFeed "While watching Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor I thought, 'Oh man! I need to cut myself into the next season!' There are so many elements about the show that crack me up, so I knew I would just need to heighten the tropes that amused me most."

    It's hard not to fall in love with her immediately while watching her "Meet the Contestants" segment...

    But it's her subtle as fuck humor that will slay you.

    She's even created a Facebook page where you can keep up with "Molly from The Bachelor."

    One thing's for sure — The Bachelor would be REAL AF with someone like Molly on it.