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The Kids From "Freaks And Geeks" Are All Grown Up And Doing Just Fine

It's a McKinley High School reunion!

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As part of their four-part documentary series, Culture Shock, A&E will be airing Freaks and Geeks: The Documentary tonight at 9 p.m., featuring exclusive interviews with the cast and creative team behind the short-lived cult favorite.

Gabe Sachs

Here's what the stars are up to now:

Linda Cardellini as Lindsay Weir

Gabe Sachs, Magda Zofia

Post Freaks and Geeks: Linda graduated to the big screen to play Velma in the Scooby Doo movies, and appeared as Cassie in 2005's Brokeback Mountain. She's also continued to be a fixture on TV, as a cast member on ER, and with recurring roles on New Girl and Mad Men. Most recently, she co-starred as Meg Rayburn on Netflix's hit series, Bloodline.

Jason Segel as Nick Andopolis

Gabe Sachs, Magda Zofia

Post Freaks and Geeks: Before he made his triumphant return to TV as the lovable Marshall Erickson on How I Met Your Mother, Jason Segel wrote and starred in several successful films, most notably Forgetting Sarah Marshall and 2011's The Muppets.

James Franco as Daniel Desario

Gabe Sachs, Magda Zofia

Post Freaks and Geeks: Over the past 18 years since the untimely cancellation of F&G, James Franco has enjoyed an eclectic TV and film career with cult comedy hits like Pineapple Express and This Is the End, an unexpected stint on the daytime drama General Hospital, and critically acclaimed performances in Milk, 127 Hours, and most recently, The Disaster Artist, which he also directed.

John Francis Daley as Sam Weir

Gabe Sachs, Magda Zofia

Post Freaks and Geeks: The adorable Sam Weir is all grown-up, with a great deal of success both in front of and behind the camera. John Francis Daley is well-known to TV fans as Lance Sweets on the long-running hit series Bones. He's also written popular films including Horrible Bosses, 2015's Vacation (which he also directed), Spider-Man: Homecoming, and recently directed Game Night.

Samm Levine as Neil Scweiber

Gabe Sachs, Magda Zofia

Post Freaks and Geeks: Since his days as the hilariously charming Neil Schweiber, Samm Levine has cemented his role as a bona fide pop culture geek. He's had several recurring and featured roles on cult TV shows like Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later and Drunk History, as well as a memorable role in 2009's Inglourious Basterds. He's proven his trivia chops with frequent guest appearances on podcasts and web series including Doug Loves Movies, Kevin Pollack's Chat Show, and as "The Inglorious One" on Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

Busy Philipps as Kim Kelly

Gabe Sachs, Magda Zofia

Post Freaks and Geeks: After playing the complicated teenager Kim Kelly, Busy Philipps went on to star on Dawson's Creek and Cougar Town, and most recently, Vice Principals. She also spent some time on ER — overlapping with Linda Cardellini! Her autobiography, This Will Only Hurt A Little will be released on October 23, 2018.

Seth Rogen as Ken Miller

Gabe Sachs, Magda Zofia

Post Freaks and Geeks: Seth Rogen was an unknown teenage standup comic when he auditioned for F&G, and now he's one of the most well-known comedic actors on the planet. After a starring breakout role in the wildy popular Knocked Up, he went on to write, produce, direct, and star in comedy hits including Pineapple Express, This Is the End, and Sausage Party.

Martin Starr as Bill Haverchuck

Gabe Sachs, Magda Zofia

Post Freaks and Geeks: Beyond his days as the goofy but loveable Bill Haverchuck, Martin Starr has gone on to star in TV comedies Party Down and Burning Love. He currently plays the sardonic Gilfoyle on HBO's Silicon Valley.

Sarah Hagan as Millie Kentner

Gabe Sachs, Magda Zofia

Post Freaks and Geeks: After playing sweet Millie on F&G, Sarah Hagan appeared on TV shows including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Grey's Anatomy, and NCIS. She's also become an indie film star, with lead roles in the Sundance selected indie, Jess + Moss, and the AFI selected indie, The Most Fun I've Ever Had With My Pants On.

Stephen Lea Sheppard as Harris Trinsky

Gabe Sachs, Magda Zofia

Post Freaks and Geeks: After his days as the resident Dungeon Master on Freaks and Geeks, Stephen Lea Sheppard had a role in The Royal Tannenbaums, which would be his only other on-screen acting role. Staying true to his geek roots, he has since authored several video games in the Exalted series and has worked as a video game editor and developer. He also writes game reviews for Vice.

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