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    Updated on Mar 2, 2020. Posted on Feb 26, 2016

    18 Things You'll Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Yogurtland

    There are no two words in the English language more beautiful than "unlimited cup."

    1. Forget the pearly gates — you know that those giant spoons are the key to entering a real heaven on Earth.

    2. You have used the "flavor finder" to check ahead that your local spot has what you need.

    3. ...And if it doesn't, you find one that does before it's too late.

    Dimension Films / Via Twitter: @EliOlsberg

    4. And it's always worth the drive when you behold your delicious masterpiece.

    5. You can taste the difference between "Double Cookies and Cream" and "Po's Cookies and Cream"

    Double is richer, but Po's is creamier, obviously.

    6. You know the heartbreaking devastation of realizing they are out of your favorite flavor.

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via Netflix

    7. And the unbridled euphoria when an employee quickly refills it with a fresh batch.

    NBC / Via

    8. You probably have more of these spoons than regular spoons in your drawer.

    9. When it comes to romantic gestures, you know the truth: Yogurtland > flowers

    10. It's also the best way to cheer you up after a rough day.

    11. You've come to love rainy days because that means buy one, get one FREE.

    12. It's not OK when someone goes without you, especially if they don't bring you anything back.

    13. Getting your platinum membership card was a proud moment.

    14. Because you're pretty much a froyo fangirl.

    15. You've even voted in the Yogurtland Fan Choice Awards.

    16. You know that there are no words in the English language more beautiful than "unlimited cup."

    Instagram: @yezuz22

    Challenge accepted.

    17. And National Frozen Yogurt Day is your favorite holiday.

    Instagram: @k24wu


    18. Honestly, you would marry Yogurtland if you could.

    Instagram: @therealangel86

    To have and to hold, from this day forward. FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN.