Straight People Try To Guess The Meanings Of Gay Slang Terms

    Do you know what a "unicorn" is? What about a "platinum gay?"

    Bustle put some straight-identifying people to the test to see how much gay slang they knew, and their answers were pretty creative.

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    1. Fruit Fly

    "Someone who, like, hovers constantly around you, like an annoying little fly."

    Click to reveal the actual definition:

    2. U-Haul

    "Someone that has had sex with a lot of people. Like, all the people they had sex with could go in a U-Haul."

    "Lesbians are using the U-Haul to shack up immediately after beginning to date each other?"

    Are either of these answers even close? Find out below!

    3. Gold Star

    "Does it have to do with pee, 'cause it's a gold thing?"

    Well, does it?

    4. Platinum Gay

    "It's someone who's had sex with multiple genders."

    Find out what it takes to be "platinum" here:

    5. Unicorn

    "It's when you put a strap-on on your head and then you have sex with people!"

    "It has to do with the fact that a unicorn is super rare and doesn't exist."

    Get the magical truth right here:

    Get all the imaginative guesses to these slang terms and others, like "pillow princess," "size queen," and "side," by watching the whole video here.