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    Posted on Sep 21, 2015

    Watch The "Family Feud" Answer Steve Harvey Just Called His Favorite Of All Time

    It's rare to see Steve Harvey speechless, but this unexpected answer really got him good.

    Family Feud host Steve Harvey has heard a lot of crazy things from contestants, but this answer to "Tell me the last thing you put your finger in," really took him by surprise.

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    The question was simple enough...

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    Some of the answers already on the board were "nose," "ear," and "mouth/teeth."

    And Kevin gave this perfectly simple and honest answer.

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    OMG. WUT. OMG.

    Steve is speechless... processing what he just heard.

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    And Kevin gets a high ten from his aforementioned wife. NICE.

    LOL, Steve.

    WTF. Steve is losing his damn mind.

    Clearly that answer wasn't on the board, but Kevin has officially won Steve over anyway.

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    And let's be honest, Steve has heard a LOT of hilarious answers.

    And then this incredible moment happened when Steve asked Kevin's wife, Ryan, the last thing SHE stuck her finger in.

    OK, when are Kevin and Steve going on tour together?