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    27 Jokes For Anyone Who Has A Sephora Problem

    Eating ramen for the rest of the month is worth it because I am now a real-life mermaid.


    Me looking at my Sephora bag online and my bank account.


    when you're just looking around Sephora and salespeople keep coming up to you


    @zeldaaaleyva / Via Twitter: @zeldaaaleyva


    why are you smiling at your phone? is it some boy? me: *just placed a sephora order*


    Me: “I never have any money” *sees there’s a sale at Sephora*


    “Hang On i have to run into Sephora real quick I’ll be right out”



    Me trying to put on a #sephora Lip Mask. I swear these are thinner and more fiddly then before.


    Still laughing.. #beautybloggers #sephora #makeup


    This happens every time we go to #Sephora


    Making my #Sephora VIB sale shopping list.


    if I have a son, & if he cheats on his girlfriend or even dares to play a girl, I’ll smack the shit outta him & send her a Sephora gift card.


    Sephora is what happens when consumerism and the patriarchy had a baby-but a super pretty baby that blurs your pores and smells like orange peel and lavender.


    The only thing that could potentially increase the life expectancy In women between age of 16 to 66 is a ten thousand dollars @Sephora gift card. Why @CDCgov doesn’t do a research on this ?


    Whenever I’m sad I just scroll through my Sephora favorites and indulge the fantasy that once my next paycheck comes in I’m really going to buy $700 worth of eyeshadow


    A group of Sephora employees should be called a palette.


    Me: I need something to hide my dark marks Sephora Employee: no one probably notices them when ur eyes are so pretty Me: what are we.....


    *walks into sephora* “can y’all help or is it too late for me”


    How do I spend THOUSANDS of dollars at Sephora and still look ugly every day


    I walk in CVS to shop for makeup looking straight homeless, but if I have plans to go in Sephora you best BELIEVE my behind is going to sit there for an hour to beat my face to the gawdsss before walking in there 😏 #YouKnowTheyJudgin’


    I really think that if the women of Ireland can unite and fight and repeal the 8th amendment, surely there has to be SOME chance we can get Sephora to open a branch here


    me: what’s $5 at Sephora? employee: the air.


    I only need to spend another $200 to hit Rouge membership status at Sephora. I don't have a problem at all.


    My husband is not my best friend. My best friend knows my deepest darkest secrets like how many times a month I go to Sephora and my actual weight


    If you’re a lady person in NYC and you’ve never run into a Sephora with the sole purpose of doing a last minute makeup hack job on yourself, I don’t believe you, liar.


    sephora worker: ok your total comes to

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