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We Want To See Pictures Of Your Unhappy Pup In The Tub

Their adorable misery is our happy place.

Bath time: the two words that will make many pups run and hide.

arielchow / Via

We love to see our sweet lil' puppers all fresh and clean and wrapped in adorable towels. Even if they hate us for it.

marietnbatista / Via

Does your dog give you the saddest puppy eyes when you give them a wash?

carlos_montori / Via

Do you have to physically restrain them from making a run for it?

twoprettypitties / Via

Does your furry little buddy hate being wet and soapy? We want to see!

lageminis / Via

Share your cutest and funniest photos of your bath-hating pup with us via the dropbox below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!