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This Hashtag Has Inspired People Of Color To Share The First Time They Felt Represented In Media And It's Powerful AF


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Netflix has teamed up with the women of Black Girl Nerds to start a conversation about the first time they saw themselves represented in pop culture.

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Netflix has been working with media partners including Ava Duvernay, Jackie Cruz, and Antoinette Robertson, as well as Netflix consumers/fans like this woman named Krissy.

Earlier today, Black Girl Nerds asked their Twitter followers to share the character that marked the first time they saw themselves represented in media, using the hashtag #FirstTimeISawMe.

Let us know about the first time your felt you saw yourself represented in media, use the hashtag #FirstTimeISawMe!

The responses? Pure joy.

@BlackGirlNerds #FirstTimeISawMe I watched this movie over and over again for a year bc I had never seen a black pr…

OMG, yes.

@BlackGirlNerds Jaleel White in #FamilyMatters was the #FirstTimeISawMe


Sometimes it's not just about seeing any random character that shares your race, it's about a personality that speaks directly to you.

#FirstTimeISawMe I had never related to a fictional character as I do to this gay outspoken Latina

Even if it comes in the form of an animated character.

#FirstTimeISawMe Maya and Miguel first time I saw Spanish and English speaking Mexican American kids that weren't b…

#FirstTimeISawMe was actually, Mulan in the late 90s. 1st Asian heroine I can remember, she was a rebel too. (ASIAN…

Everyone deserves to see someone they can relate to on screen.

#FirstTimeIsawme Keith in #SixFeetUnder a masculine gay black man who had some meat on his bones. 👍🏾👊🏾


And when it happens, it can be emotional AF.

@BlackGirlNerds #FirstTimeISawMe When Jane's grandmother spoke in Spanish and she answered in English. I cried!

Stereotypes = bad. Truth = everything.

#FirstTimeISawMe @kalpenn In a time of saturated over the top stereotypes. The first Indian character that was rela…

Even in the smallest moments...

#FirstTimeISawMe was when Selena was doing the "washing machine" 😍💃🏽

...We can find everyday heroes.

#FirstTimeISawMe was when I watched Bend it like Beckham and ngl Jess was what I aspired to be😂

Because you are NOT alone.

#FirstTimeISawMe #stillsearching ..but papaRu @RuPaul let me know I wasn't alone

Representation MATTERS.


This post has been updated to reflect the partnership between Netflix and Black Girl Nerds.