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    Watch Rebel Wilson Destroy David Schwimmer And James Corden In A Hilarious Rap Battle

    "You're rhymes are non-existent / like my inner thigh gap."

    James Corden and David Schwimmer had a throw-down rap battle on The Late Late Show's new segment "Drop the Mic," and things got pretty crazy when Rebel Wilson showed up and destroyed them both.

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    First off, James Corden took a swipe at Schwimmer's past as a '90s icon.

    And David Schwimmer came for the British talk show host and his lack of ~icon~ status.

    James couldn't drop the Friends bit...

    And so Dr. Geller easily played that game with a shout-out to Marcel. 🐵

    And then Rebel Wilson stepped in...

    And she slayed.