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19 Reasons Why Morning People Need To Be Stopped

Enough already with the selfies from your sunrise hikes.

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1. They wake up to the sound of their first alarm without hitting the snooze button...and are HAPPY about it.


2. They are WAY too chipper when heading off to work.

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3. They say shit like "good morning, sunshine" to the actual fucking sun. And they mean it.

Kapulya / Getty Images

4. They go on early morning hikes.


5. And they make sure everyone knows about these hikes by sharing sunrise selfies.

Ascentxmedia / Getty Images

6. They also post photos of their deliciously prepared full breakfast.

While you barely have time to grab a Pop Tart and run out the door.
Rez-art / Getty Images

While you barely have time to grab a Pop Tart and run out the door.

7. They dgaf about making noise while you're trying to sleep in.


I dare you to wake me up on a Saturday morning with your juicer.

8. They somehow manage to look impeccable, in the most perfectly planned outfits.


While you look like Pigpen from the Peanuts comics.

9. When you wake up after sleeping in, they make some annoying comment like, "good AFTERNOON, Sleeping Beauty!"

Or, "You're alive!" UGH.

Or, "You're alive!" UGH.

10. They try to start a conversation before you've had your caffeine fix.

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Do not fuck with an un-caffeinated non-morning person before 10am.

11. They go to sleep way too early.

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12. They are always trying to convert you into becoming one of them.

Stay strong and keep rockin' those pajamas.
NBC / Via Netflix

Stay strong and keep rockin' those pajamas.

13. They are already caught up on world news and events before the workday even starts.


14. They love telling you about their "morning routine."

BBC America

"First I take my dog to the park and THEN I enjoy water with lemon while sitting on my porch AND THEN I read the paper!" Bye.

15. They SING. In the morning.

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16. They get up early, even on the weekends. ON PURPOSE.

In order to "make the most" of the day.

In order to "make the most" of the day.

17. And they have all of their errands done by 10am.

Comedy Central

Which is just about the time you roll out of bed, and only because you're hungry.

18. They are usually early to everything.


19. And worst of all, they use hashtags like #EarlyBirdGetsTheWorm or #RiseAndGrind.


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