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22 Fantastic Podcasts To Make Your Commute Less Shitty

Being stuck in traffic was never so much fun!

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1. Pop Culture Happy Hour

NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour is a spirited discussion of books, movies, music, television, comics, and just about anything else on the minds of "Monkey See" blogger Linda Holmes and a revolving door of special guests.


4. Call Your Girlfriend

Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow bring you the "podcast for all the long-distance besties out there." You will want to call your own BFF after listening in as these two charming, smart, and hilarious women discuss the important things in life like rom-coms, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, casual racism, and general pop culture news.

6. Ask Me Another

Hosted by Ophira Eisenberg, NPR's weekly quiz show featuring puzzles, trivia, and word games played in front of a live audience is addicting. With a weekly celebrity VIP (Very Important Puzzler), including the likes of Ellie Kemper, Uzo Aduba, and Sir Patrick Stewart, it's also a really good time. Get into it.

7. Theater People

The ONLY podcast featuring full-length interviews with Broadway's elite including Tony Winners, theater legends, and up-and-coming stars of the Great White Way. Host Patrick Hinds, an incredibly passionate theater lover, can't hide his genuine admiration for his guests, making for some really wonderful and insightful talks that feel more like conversations between friends than interviews.


8. Vulture TV Podcast

Calling all TV addicts: New York TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz, Vulture TV columnist Margaret Lyons, and Vulture TV editor Gazelle Emami take a deep dive into all things TV, and drive the cultural conversation around what makes great television forward. These people love TV more than you hate rush hour traffic.

9. New York Times Book Review

For those interested in the literary side of pop culture, this podcast from The New York Times is not to be missed. Sunday Book Review editor Pamela Paul is joined by the world's top authors and critics for passionate discussions about books, culture, and ideas.

11. Reply All

If you're reading this list, chances are you spend some of your time on the internet. Reply All is a podcast dedicated to "how people shape the internet and how the internet shapes people." It's a fascinating exploration of internet culture and humanity in the modern world.


12. Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan

You know when you get to work and ask around to see who else is watching that show you need to talk about, but nobody is? Maureen Ryan and Ryan McGhee are, and they want to talk about all of the shows in a thoughtful, critical, and knowledgable manner and you can't help but enjoy it!

13. Nerdist

Chris Hardwick, often accompanied by Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, talks to celebrities about "what it really means to be a nerd." Being stuck in traffic is so much more fun when you're geeking out with everyone from Stan Lee to Aziz Ansari — and with more than 750 episodes to date, you have an incredibly eclectic guest list to choose from!

14. WTF with Marc Maron

WTF is way more than just another podcast featuring a comedian interviewing celebrity guests. Marc Maron really gets to the heart of what makes his guests tick, and sometimes even sorts out some personal beef, like the time he and Louis C.K. talked about their falling out and rekindled their friendship. Slate called the interview the greatest podcast episode of all time in a 2014 list. Oh, and even President Barack Obama sat down for WTF interview. Thanks, WTF.

15. Gilmore Guys

Whether you've loved Gilmore Girls for years, or are just catching up on Netflix in preparation of the upcoming four-part revival, this podcast is everything. Veteran fan Kevin T. Porter and Stars Hollow newbie Demi Adejuyigbe jump into each episode, sometimes with very special guests, to analyze and discuss the beloved show, from a place of genuine fandom. They've even scored interviews with members of the cast and creative team, including Scott Patterson, Liza Weil, and EMILY GILMORE HERSELF, Kelly Bishop. Where they lead, you will follow.


16. Kumail Nanjiani's The X-Files Files

New or old fans can of The X-Files can watch along on Netflix and join Silicon Valley's Kumail Nanjiani and guests as they discuss episodes of the iconic series. More than just an in-depth episode recap, Kumail digs up old message board comments and tidbits from the original '90s airings of the series and it's a gift from the internet gods. The truth is out there, indeed!

17. Here to Make Friends

Whether you love The Bachelor or just love to hate-watch it, this hilarious and lovingly snarky HuffPost podcast hosted by Emma Gray and Claire Fallon will get you through every episode of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise.


20. Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler

Tagged as "a podcast about stuff guys love, brought to you by the ultimate guy's girl," Aisha Tyler's fascinating show explores themes of "art, culture, booze, comedy, family, physical injuries, psychological bruises, action movies, rock music, ninjas, zombies, failure, success, sacrifice, video games, and blowing shit up." Offering up funny, powerful, and insightful interviews, Girl on Guy is really for EVERYONE.

21. Idle Thumbs

This is a go-to source for all things gaming. Hosted by video game journalists and developers, it bills itself as "a weekly video game podcast full of in-depth discussion and absurdity." If you're into gaming at all, this is the place to hear from true experts.

22. Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig

YouTube star Grace Helbig's podcast is pretty much the opposite of WTF with Marc Maron. This giggle fest focuses more on the silly and superficial moments with her guests, mostly other YouTube personalities. It might not hit you right in the feels, but you just might laugh so hard you end up crying anyway.