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Pink Posted An Adorable Family Photo On Instagram And Got Mom-Shamed For It

"It's super sad to see women knocking down other women."

We can all agree on the FACT that Pink is pretty much the raddest, right?

I mean, she's just an iconic singer, songwriter, and oh yeah β€” a phenomenally talented aerial artist.

Seriously, look at her flying through the air, and still singing her ass off like the rockstar queen that she is.

She's also a devoted mom to her adorable kiddos, Willow and Jameson.

Pink recently posted this adorable picture on Instagram with the caption "Dinner time."

Some folks had a few ~opinions~ to share about the photo.

One commenter asked if Pink was "insane" and called the picture "shocking."

Another called Pink's actions "Pretty stupid."

This commenter can't help but wonder:

Pink's fans, many of them fellow moms, quickly came to her defense.

One supporter was "sad to see women knocking down other women."

This fan pointed out the most important fact β€” that Pink's kids are happy and healthy.

Another mom found the photo relatable AF.

And others just wanted to express their respect and admiration for such a rockstar mom.

I dunno, guys. Looks like a pretty great family to me. Can we just let them live?