This Woman Creates Stunning Cakes That Are True Works Of Art

    Cakes so beautiful you'll wish every day was your birthday.

    Elena Gnut is a pastry chef from Kaliningrad, Russia who has been getting a lot of attention on Instagram, and when you see her lovely creations, you'll understand why.

    I mean, these are truly works of art.

    Every cake is uniquely wonderful.

    Her attention to details is flawless.

    Absolute perfection.

    Her work shows a great deal of elegance... well as whimsy.

    Honestly, this one makes me want to have another baby just so that I can serve this at my baby shower.

    The craftsmanship is unreal.

    I mean...would you even have the heart to cut this cake?

    Even the insides of her cakes are unbelievably perfect.

    It's a centerpiece AND a dessert!

    Just stunning.

    That sad little bunny looks delicious!

    Those flowers look so real, it's ridiculous!

    These cakes are a gift to us all.

    Seriously. LOOK AT THIS WORK OF ART.

    Simply breathtaking.

    This is the cutest thing I've ever wanted to eat.

    The detail work on this one is unbelievable.

    Just a reminder. THIS IS A CAKE.

    No, really. These are all cakes meant to be eaten by humans.

    But we are not worthy.

    BRB, flying to Kaliningrad, Russia to eat all the cakes.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Elena for comments.