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People Are Going Nuts Over This Quirky "Jeopardy" Champion

"This Jeopardy contestant is definitely the love child of every male indie band lead singer. Ever."

Meet Austin Rogers, the current Jeopardy champion, who has already racked up an impressive five-day total of $188,700 in winnings.

Austin is not only CRUSHING the game, he's also having a great time doing it.

He's fearless with his Daily Double wagers.


And it seems to be paying off! He's already made almost $200k in just five days and chances are, he's gonna be around for a while.

Facebook: video.php

And he's definitely getting some attention on Twitter.

The best thing on TV today? Austin, the best contestant #Jeopardy has ever seen. Would love to see the unedited epi…

He's even inspired a hashtag, #austinonjeopardy.

Dude. Austin the bartender is the best thing about 2017. #jeopardy #austinonjeopardy

People have a lot of opinions on Austin's whole vibe.

This #Jeopardy contestant is definitely the love child of every male indie band lead singer. Ever.

And though there is definitely a lot of love for him...

There are two types of people in this world: people that like #austinonjeopardy and people that don’t matter.

...not everybody is sold on his charms.

Am I the only one watching #austinonjeopardy and getting the profound feeling of "hipster douchebag"?

But that doesn't takeaway from those who want to see Austin on Jeopardy — in any capacity — forever.

Austin would be perfect to replace Trebek when he retires. Can I get a HELLYEAH?! #jeopardy #austinonjeopardy

  1. Final Jeopardy: Team Austin?

    Facebook: Jeopardy
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Final Jeopardy: Team Austin?
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