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OK Go Made A Commercial For A Chinese Furniture Store Because Why Not

It's the OK Go-iest thing you'll see all day.

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Masters of the viral music video OK Go made a commercial for a Chinese furniture store called Red Star Macalline, and it's just as insane as any of their music videos. Why did they do it? "Because sometimes you just make what you want."

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According to the band, it is a visual reference to their video "The Writing's on the Wall" and is set to a remix of "I Won't Let You Down."

It wouldn't be an OK Go video without some optical illusion fun.

OK Go / Via

A staircase that appears from nowhere!

OK Go / Via

Ah, yes...walking and singing, another OK Go staple.

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Then there's this magical, mind-melty sequence:

OK Go / Via

This is all one nonstop mindf*ck.

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Lionel Richie would be proud!

How OK Go is this? VERY OK Go.

It's pretty safe to say this is the coolest furniture store commercial right now. Your move, Ikea.

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