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    Updated on Oct 2, 2018. Posted on Sep 28, 2018

    Nyle DiMarco Found A Fan Who Tweeted About Seeing Him At The Airport And Then Made His Day

    "Come over!"

    You know that feeling when you see a celebrity out in the real world, and you don't wanna make a fuss so you TRY to keep your cool?


    Well, that's what happened when Adrian A. Cisneros spotted model, actor, and activist Nyle DiMarco at the airport.

    @_AACisneros / Via Twitter: @_AACisneros

    He didn't make a scene, didn't try to bother Nyle — he simply tweeted out his excitement.

    And then Nyle saw the tweet and did some investigating.


    So Adrian was busted! But in the sweetest way. Nyle even invited him over to say hello!

    @_AACIsneros / Via Twitter: @_AACisneros

    Dream. Come. True.

    @NyleDiMarco / Via Twitter: @NyleDiMarco

    The exchange didn't just make Adrian's day a little better — lots of people on Twitter were touched by the thread.

    @kimmigarcia7 / Via Twitter: @kimmigarcia7


    @TroyTrotter2 / Via Twitter: @TroyTrotter2

    And maybe a liiiiiiiiiiittle jealous.

    @AlejVillalobos / Via Twitter: @AlejVillalobos

    Thanks, Nyle DiMarco, for being such a ray of sunshine!

    Nyle DiMarco / Via

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