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Madonna Couldn't Convince Customer Service That It Really Was Her And Honestly It's The Most Relatable Thing That's Ever Happened To Her

Stars: they really are just like us.

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You know that incredibly frustrating feeling you get after spending what seems like an eternity arguing with customer service when a package you're expecting never shows up?

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Well, it seems that nobody is immune from this experience. Not even a world-famous pop legend named Madonna.

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It seems the Queen of Pop had a bit of trouble convincing FedEx that she is actually Madonna, causing the most hilarious customer service shit show in the history of shitty customer service.

When you've been arguing with fed-ex all week that you really are Madonna and they still won't release your packageā€¦

Can you imagine being the phone rep who just spent an hour talking to MADONNA on the phone and not believing it was actually her?


Naturally, Madge's fans had some pun-ny fun on Twitter at FedEx's expense:

@Madonna I think its because of the holiday.

But lo! What's this? FedEx representative Julie to the rescue...

...If that is your real name, "Julie."

Sure, Madonna, I'll deliver your package...just DM me your address!

Meanwhile, Madonna's just waiting on her package like:

Madonna/WMG / Via

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