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10 LGBTQ Stars And Advocates Share The Music That Inspires Them

From Prince to musical theater classics, the answers were as varied and fascinating as the people being honored.

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1. Ross Mathews:

Ali Velez for BuzzFeed

"Bye Bye Birdie."

"That musical, the first time I heard it I was like 'What? Somebody made a musical FOR ME', and I played it in the car all the time. That sort of made see that there was this whole other world."

3. Geena Rocero:

Ali Velez for BuzzFeed

"I Will Survive"

"It's classic, right? I grew up in a tiny little alley in the Philippines. I could only dream to be here at this moment as a successful, out, transgender model and person of color."


4. Peter Kujawski, CEO of Focus Features:

Ali Velez for BuzzFeed

"The Fantasticks"

"I'm sort of a musical theater nerd. The entirety of The Fantasticks, such a beautiful piece of music to me that actually was with me during an important period in my life."

5. Subhi Nahas, Syrian refugee and LGBT advocate:

Ali Velez for BuzzFeed

"Born This Way"

"Lady Gaga, when she released 'Born This Way,' it was a really big push for me to understand the gravity of the situation and understand that there are people that's really willing to help."

6. Pauley Perrette, NCIS:

Ali Velez for BuzzFeed

"Prince! ❤️"

"Today, everything that I'm thinking is about Prince. He actually does represent what we're talking about here tonight, and that is the freedom to be whatever you feel like you wanna be."

7. Faith Stowers, Vanderpump Rules

Ali Velez for BuzzFeed

"'Drunk On You,' Jesse Montana Ft. Faith"

"Jesse Montana has gone through a lot when he came out. And he has a song, 'Drunk On You,' that he's really, really, really proud of. And when he sang it, it moved me."


8. Hayden Byerly, The Fosters

Ali Velez for BuzzFeed

"'I'm Gonna Crawl,' Led Zeppelin"

"It kinda talks about fighting forward, crawling forward. It doesn't matter whether you can run, walk, crawl — you have to continue to move forward. And you have to continue to move on and better yourself and become a better person."

10. Wilson Cruz

Ali Velez for BuzzFeed

"'You Got The Look...,' (You convinced me)"

"I was the only person in my high school who looked like me. And there was one person in the culture, who when I looked at him I recognized myself. And that person was Prince. He meant everything to me, because he made me feel like, despite what I was being told, and what I saw all around me — I was beautiful."