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Men Watch Footage Of Their Girlfriends Being Catcalled

"OK, now I'm getting pissed off. I'm not happy with this."

Cosmopolitan showed men footage of their girlfriends being catcalled. These guys are aware that this sort of thing goes on, but the impact of being confronted by the reality of someone they love experiencing it produced honest, visceral reactions.

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Seth and Olivia have been together for eight months. At first, Seth just mocks the catcaller, pointing out how ridiculous it is.

As it goes on and on, however, Seth starts to get angry.

Finally, when Olivia walks by a strip club, and the guy outside says, "We're hiring," Seth has had enough.

Tessa and Jon have been together for a year. Jon is definitely uncomfortable watching what Tessa goes through on the daily.

When the catcalling gets a bit more confrontational and aggressive, Jon gets even more upset.

Miguel and Amy have been together for seven months. Miguel is very protective of Amy, right from the start.

When he sees the same creeper from earlier coming back for more, Miguel can't help but yell, "That's disgusting, dude. Just get back to work and do your job!"


Armed with a fresh perspective, Jon says, "I'm glad that people are making it an issue and not standing for it anymore."