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Megan Mullally Never Connected The Dots That Ellen's Old "Roommate" Was Actually Her Girlfriend

"Are you serious? You didn't know I was gay?"

On Megan Mullally's latest appearance on Ellen, the two reminisced about the old days when they used to hang out before "making it" in Hollywood. Megan also revealed to Ellen that for the longest time, she had no idea that Ellen was gay, and that her ~roommates~ were actually girlfriends.

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So, apparently Ellen and Megan go waaaaay back.

TheEllenShow / Via

Like, way back before it was public knowledge that Ellen is gay.

The two funny ladies lived about a block and a half apart, and Megan remembers being impressed by how well Ellen and her "lovely roommate" got along.

TheEllenShow / Via

Even when she found out that they shared a dog together, Megan thought that they were just serious roommate goals.

TheEllenShow / Via

And even over the years, as Ellen had different (but equally close) roommates, Megan still never caught on.

TheEllenShow / Via

And, well...this was all news to Ellen.

TheEllenShow / Via

LOL, Megan.

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