OMG, Luke From “Gilmore Girls” Has A Blues-Rock Band IRL

    This is not a drill: Scott Patterson singing and playing guitar!!!

    We all know and love Scott Patterson as Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls.

    And we can't wait to see Luke and Lorelai together again in the upcoming Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix.

    But now, fans can get a glimpse into Scott Patterson's passion project, his blues-rock band Gordon.

    According to the band's website, Gordon "is a power blues/rock group."

    Gordon doesn't have any official recordings just yet, but you can check out this video, from the band's Facebook page, of Scott performing a song called "Kristina."

    Facebook: video.php

    Or, you could watch this short clip of the band playing "Comin' Back to Jersey" in front of a live audience in Ocean City, NJ.

    'Comin' Back to Jersey' clip! Enjoy! #RocknRoll #GilmoreGirls #ScottPatterson #BluesRock #GORDON #OceanCityNewJersey

    We're looking forward to what the band teases as "first contact" on October 16!