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Here's What Happened When Little Girls Helped Women Get Ready For A Date

Beauty tips and life advice from 5-year-olds who are wise beyond their years.

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These little girls are not just serving as makeup artists, they are also doling out some sage advice on life and love!

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Lulu, a wise 5-year-old, has some pretty solid wardrobe advice for a first date.

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This applies to all situations, really.

Five-year-old Nina has some very specific beauty standards.

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Barbie, obviously.

Time to start the makeovers!

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Like any good stylist, 6-year-old Judith keeps it real with some straight talk.

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"What do I do if he tries to kiss me?"

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Get it, girl!

Lulu doesn't waste any time. Take a leap!

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Sound logic, when you really think about it.

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"If he's really nice to you, you should marry him."


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Preach it, Nina!

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Time for the big reveal!

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The ladies were really good sports about it all.

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And yes, she does look fabulous.


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Great job, girls!

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