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    Lin-Manuel Miranda Posted The Most Adorable Parenting Hack And It's So Relatable

    "Don’t have an infant high chair for dinner? Have you considered a bucket full of towels?"

    In case you haven't heard, Lin-Manuel Miranda is the Tony Award-winning genius behind Broadway's In the Heights and Hamilton.

    Along with his wife, Vanessa Nadal, he is also the proud father of 3-year-old Sebastian...

    In advance of his 3rd birthday, we took lil man to Act One of Hamilton on Saturday. His comments in this thread...

    ...and the newest addition to their family, baby Francisco, who was born earlier this year.

    Int. Hospital Room. Night. [The screams reach a delirious crescendo. FRANCISCO MIRANDA enters. He is 7 pounds and 13 ounces.] Intermission. (📸 by @jmessinaphoto)

    He's clearly loving fatherhood. I mean, look at this adorable Lion King-inspired picture of him and his sweet little babe!

    Pride Rock at the diaper changing station

    And now he's taken a break from being a creative musical genius to share this hilariously clever dad hack.

    And it is SO relatable.

    And just in case you need further proof that the Mirandas are winning at parenting, just listen to this insanely cute audio recording of young Sebastian talking about all the things he wants to be.

    Me: What are you going to be when you grow up? Sebastian: ALL OF THE THINGS I WANT TO BE. Abuela: Like what? S: EVERYTHING. YOU CAN BE MORE THAN ONE THING. Me: Like what? Sebastian: Like ALL OF THE THINGS!

    Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Pulitzer...if there was an award for being an awesome dad, we bet he'd win that one, too.