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    Julia Roberts Acting Out Her Film Career In Under 10 Minutes Is Not A Big Mistake

    Man, that woman has had a lot of iconic roles.

    Julia Roberts acted out highlights from her prolific movie career on The Late Late Show With James Corden, and it was pretty much movie magic:

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    There's that wonderfully cheesy scene from Notting Hill where a girl stands in front of a boy and asks him to love her.

    And James did his best Sally Field trying to get Shelby to drink her damn juice in Steel Magnolias.

    CBS / Via, TriStar Pictures

    We even got a throwback to the cult classic, Mystic Pizza.

    CBS / Via, Night Life Inc

    And of course, there's always Lady and the Tramp...err, Eat, Pray, Love.

    CBS, Columbia Pictures

    I'm just saying.


    Obviously, this frenzied run down memory lane wouldn't be complete without Julia's ICONIC scene from Pretty Woman, where she dragged that saleswoman and we all said "fuck yes."

    CBS / Via, Touchstone Pictures

    Petty Woman.

    The mini-marathon came to a close with the scene from My Best Friend's Wedding, where Julia's character begs her BFF to choose her...

    CBS / Via, TriStar Pictures

    ...But it naturally ended with the only thing you really care about — a sing along to "I Say A Little Prayer For You."

    CBS / Via


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