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    Sep 28, 2018

    A "Jeopardy" Contestant Proposed To His Girlfriend On The Air And Yes, She Answered In The Form Of A Question

    "What is YES?!"

    OMG, first the Emmys and now this! Last night there was a LIVE PROPOSAL on Jeopardy!

    She even responded in the form of a question. They truly are a match made in heaven! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’•

    Contestant Michael Pascuzzi, from Orlando, Florida, tweeted ahead of his appearance on last night's episode of Jeopardy saying, "It's gonna be a big deal!"

    Very excited to announce my appearance on @Jeopardy tonight! It's gonna be a big deal! Thanks #alextrebeard #Jeopardy #TodayOnJ!

    @PascuzziMichael / Via Twitter: @PascuzziMichael

    During the interview segment, host Alex Trebek noted that in a rare twist, he had no notes on his card to begin his conversation with Michael Pascuzzi.

    @Jeopardy / Via Twitter: @Jeopardy

    Michael said he would "fill in" for Alex, and already knew what he wanted to talk about.

    @jeopardy / Via Twitter: @Jeopardy

    And then, he popped the question to his girlfriend, Maria Shafer, who was seated in the audience.

    @Jeopardy / Via Twitter: @Jeopardy

    And after a little back and forth with Alex Trebek, Maria wisely phrased her response in the form of a question.

    @jeopardy / Via Twitter: @Jeopardy

    "That would be, what is yes?"

    When Alex moved on to returning champ Evelyn Rubin, she basically shrugged her shoulders and said, "I can't top that."

    Jeopardy / Via

    Viewers at home loved the proposal.

    @HomaBashWEWS / Via Twitter: @HomaBashWEWS

    Like, REALLY loved it.

    @lauranovice / Via Twitter: @lauranovice

    Although Michael came in second in the game, I think it's safe to say he left that taping a winner.

    @jeopardy / Via Twitter: @Jeopardy

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