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Hidden Camera Captures The Secret Lives Of Babies

Nap time is actually party time.

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Babies Mariah and Beckham were supposed to be napping, but a hidden camera revealed that these two cuties have NO TIME for that. Sorry, Mom.

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A few seconds into the video, you hear the door close, signaling that Mommy has left the room, and then...

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They signal to each other to make sure the coast is clear...

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Because it's PARTY TIME! 🎉🎈🎈🎈🎈🎉

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Beckham makes a jailbreak.

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So that Mariah can admire his silky hair!

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Time for a game!

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Unfortunately the return toss accidentally hits Mariah on the head.

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But Beckham is a gentleman, offering Mariah his own sippy cup, and then giving her some comfort.


Besties forever!

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Who knew nap time could be so eventful?!

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