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    Watch What Happened When People Of All Ages Were Asked How They Would Change The World

    Big ideas from ages 5 to 105.

    Soul Pancake brought together people of all ages and asked them how they would change the world.

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    Age 7: "I don't know, honestly. I like everything about the world right now."

    Age 15: "Stop focusing on the look of perfection."

    Age 14: "I would have equality, because we don't have that yet."

    Age 37: "Change the rich people to poor people."

    Age 95: "Just good weather. California weather, I adore."

    Age 45: "Eliminate the invention of the gun."

    Age 105: "I don't know what I'd change."

    Age 5: "So nothing could be stolen."

    Age 78: "I think many people believe in too many things, and they don't believe in themselves."

    Age 48: "It sounds so generic, but, world peace. I just want the wars to stop."

    Age 7: "Well, actually I think I know one thing. If there was a way, to like, get dinosaurs back..."

    "Hey, that could change the world. A LOT."