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These Are The Most Popular Latino Baby Names Of 2016

Did your favorite name make the cut?

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In the girls' category, the top 10 names didn't see much change from the previous year, with steadily popular names like Valentina, Emma, and Martina each moving up one place on the list.

Here's the top ten list for girls:

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1. Sofía
2. Isabella
3. Valentina
4. Emma
5. Marina
6. Lucía
7. Victoria
8. Luciana
9. Valeria
10. Camila

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The top 10 names for boys also didn't vary too much from 2015. The two major changes were Lucas making the cut, jumping up from 16th place to 9th place on the list and Samuel falling from 7th place to 15th.

Moving up from the No. 2 spot is this year's winner, Mateo.


Perhaps it had something to do with the title character on Jane the Virgin naming her son Mateo? The name, which means "Gift from God," replaced Santiago, the long-time most popular name, now landing in the second place spot.

Here's the top 10 list for boys:

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1. Mateo
2. Santiago
3. Matías
4. Sebastián
5. Benjamín
6. Martín
7. Nicolás
8. Alejandro
9. Lucas
10. Diego

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