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This Pregnant Woman Wanted To Induce Labor So She Tried Dancing The Baby Out With "Thriller"

Get that baby out, by any means necessary!

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On February 11, at exactly 40 weeks pregnant, Bonnie Northsea tried to induce labor by dancing along to Thriller, which someone told her would work. Unfortunately for her, it didn't. Fortunately for all of us, she recorded the whole thing.

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There are a lot of things people will try in order to induce labor: spicy foods, sex... and Michael Jackson?

Bonnie Northsea / Via

Start off nice and easy, we're just getting warmed up...

Bonnie Northsea / Via

Today, 6 days after this video was posted, Bonnie has still not given birth to the baby boy she has already named William Wolf Northsea.

Bonnie Northsea / Via

For someone who is carry a fully developed infant inside of her, she is working it with her moves!

Bonnie Northsea / Via

Come on out, Willem Wolf!!! Everyone's waiting for you!

Bonnie Northsea / Via
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