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    Gina Rodriguez Is Going To Be Carmen Sandiego In A Live-Action Film And I'm Breaking Out My Red Fedora To Celebrate

    Yes, please.

    Get ready, gumshoes! Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez is set to star in an upcoming live-action Carmen Sandiego feature for Netflix.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    The Jane the Virgin star will also produce the feature through her I Can and I Will Productions alongside producers Kevin Misher and Caroline Fraser.

    Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images, Netflix

    Founded by Gina Rodriguez in 2015, the mission of I Can and I Will Productions is to "create art that tells stories from the unheard and unseen, discover and expose new talent and increase empathy and understanding for all communities."

    While Rodriguez will also be voicing the title character in Netflix's upcoming Carmen Sandiego animated series — due to premiere in 2019, the live-action film will be a standalone story. No writer or director is currently attached.

    "Don't ask where ... ask who." @Netflix (just call me Carmen 😉)

    Are you ready to follow the all-new madcap capers of the notoriously fashionable and well-traveled thief who made geography exciting for a generation of '90s kids?


    Yeah. So are we.

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