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Gilbert Gottfried Did A Scene From Aladdin With A Young Man With Autism And Your Heart Exploded

Get ready to laugh AND cry at this wonderful moment from Comedy Central's Night Of Too Many Stars.

Meet Owen Suskind. He has late onset Autism. At the age of two, he was talking, but by the time he reached three, he had lost all speech.

His father, Ron Suskind, talks about communicating with Owen:

The one thing that held Owen's attention, was the Disney animated movies.

Ron had an idea. He found a puppet of the Iago character from Aladdin in Owen's room, and decided to talk to his son in Iago's voice.

Owen instantly opened up to Iago. His answer was heartbreaking:

"Not good. I have no friends and I'm lonely."

During Comedy Central's Night Of Too Many Stars, host Jon Stewart called Owen onto the stage to meet the original voice of Iago, Gilbert Gottfried.

Owen couldn't contain his excitement as Gilbert started the lamp scene from Aladdin.

And then Owen served up his best Jaffar voice, which was pretty spot-on!

Eventually, when Gilbert couldn't remember all of his lines after 23 years, he handed the mic over to Owen to perform both parts. Owen nailed it!

Finally, the two most lovable villains ever hugged it out.

Watch the whole, wonderful story here:

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