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23 Perfect Gifts For Future "Star Wars" Nerds

"Truly wonderful the mind of a child is." —Yoda

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5. An album of lullaby versions of selections from the Star Wars score to lull your tiny padawan to sleep.

Who knew the "Imperial March" could sound so sweet and soothing?

Get it on Amazon for $7.99 for the MP3 album or $11.99 for the cd.


10. Keep your little Stormtrooper clean and happy with some personalized bibs and pacifier keepers.

You can get a packaged set, just bibs, or just pacifier holders — personalized or not.

Get them from KenaBows on Etsy for $10 - $24, depending on quantity and personalization options.


22. This growth chart to document the journey from youngling to Jedi Master.

It's also great for figuring out when the young padawan will be ready to ride the big-kid rides at Disney's forthcoming Star Wars-themed land.

Get it from JoliePrints on Etsy for $59.99.

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