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23 Perfect Gifts For Future "Star Wars" Nerds

"Truly wonderful the mind of a child is." —Yoda

1. A birth announcement to commemorate the arrival of a future Jedi Knight or Princess.

Perfect for sending out to loved ones or as a framed print on the nursery wall!

Get the printable digital file from FramedDesign on Etsy for $11.47.

2. An impossibly adorable crocheted Yoda hat and diaper cover for a wise old soul in a newborn body.

3. Or a crocheted Princess Leia cap for a powerful baby girl who will change the world.

4. A Little Golden Book set to introduce the world of Star Wars to the little ones until they are old enough for the movies.

5. An album of lullaby versions of selections from the Star Wars score to lull your tiny padawan to sleep.

6. This adorable Chewbacca onesie for the teeny wookiee in your life.

7. A lovely art print inspired by the films.

8. A Personalized sippy cup for drinking some blue milk.

The sippy cups are BPA free.

Get it on Amazon for $10.95.

9. Some burp cloths for when a wee rebel has some galactic spit-up.

10. Keep your little Stormtrooper clean and happy with some personalized bibs and pacifier keepers.

11. Dress up the crib with a sweet hand-made quilt.

12. The wisdom of Yoda in a wall decal.

13. An R2D2 humidifier to protect the atmosphere in the little one's tiny galaxy.

14. Brighten up the nursery with a colorful throw pillow featuring a favorite character.

Available characters are Leia, Luke, Yoda, and Darth Vader.

Get it from hangAprint on Etsy for $32.

15. Make bed time rituals fun with a light saber toothbrush.

16. This personalized step stool for a growing Jedi:

17. A plush Yoda for snuggling.

18. This onesie reminding others not to judge the strength of your tiny Jedi-in-the-making:

19. Some delightful nursery wall art to keep the dark side at bay.

20. A wall decal for a tiny one who is capable of greatness.

21. This father-and-baby matching set for those who walk on the dark side:

22. This growth chart to document the journey from youngling to Jedi Master.

23. And of course, once the future rebel out-grows their crib and is ready for a big-kid bed, there's an incredible Millennium Falcon bed.

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