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    Posted on Mar 14, 2015

    Ellen Degeneres And Michelle Obama Had An "Uptown Funk" Dance-Off And They Shut It DOWN

    They were joined by the So You Think You Can Dance all-stars.

    First Lady Michelle Obama recently appeared on Ellen to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of her "Let's Move" campaign, and to challenge Ellen to a dance-off to choreography that will be a part of this year's White House Easter egg party.

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    The dancing begins at around 3:54

    Ellen and Michelle Obama have a history of friendly competition.

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    And the first lady is serious about her fitness!

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    After a false start because of an unintentional mic drop from Michelle Obama...

    TheEllenShow / Via was time to start dancing.

    It started off nice and easy...

    TheEllenShow / Via

    And here we go!

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    Both women are in top form!

    Look out!

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    Clearly, they've both been practicing.


    TheEllenShow / Via

    There are no losers here. Ellen + Michelle Obama + SYTYCD = everybody wins.

    Get it, FLOTUS!!!! Ellen's pretty fabulous too, of course.

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