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    Ellen And Pharrell Discussed Kim Burrell's Anti-Gay Statements And Called For More Empathy

    "This is a big, gigantic, beautiful, colorful world, and it only works with inclusion and empathy." —Pharrell Williams

    After confirming that Kim Burrell would not be appearing on her show, Ellen DeGeneres sat down with Pharrell Williams to discuss Burrell's controversial statements.

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    During a recent sermon, gospel singer and Pentecostal preacher Kim Burrell called homosexuality "perverted," among making other anti-gay statements.

    Ellen opened the conversation by asking Pharrell why the film Hidden Figures is so important to him.

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    Pharrell served as a producer on the film and wrote the film's soundtrack.

    Pharrell praised the work of women who have worked tirelessly to change the world, including Ellen herself.

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    Basically, Pharrell is a big fan of women.

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    He went on to say, "Listen, whoever you are — as long as you're living and breathing, you have to think, a woman's body brought you into this world."

    Ellen shifted the conversation to Kim Burrell and her recent anti-gay sermon that went viral.

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    Ellen acknowledged that Burrell was originally slated to perform with Pharrell, but that ultimately it didn't feel right to have her on the show.

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    Ellen then gave Pharrell the opportunity to comment.

    Pharrell, who has publicly condemned his collaborator's rhetoric on social media, had a lot to say.

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    Pharrell added, "She's a fantastic singer, and I love her — just like I love everybody else."

    Ultimately, Pharrell believes the world needs less divisiveness and more empathy.

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