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13 Dads The Internet Just Couldn't Get Enough Of In 2017

Get it, dads.

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1. This dad, who followed directions a bit too literally when he was told to "put his sleeping daughter in the bed":

Ashlie Nicole Williams

2. This dad, who mailed a container of sliced mangoes to his daughter in college:

Cecilia Li / Via Twitter: @ce_silly_a

3. This sentimental dad who always wears the same old polo shirt because it reminds him of his honeymoon with his wife who passed away of cancer:

4. This dad who got stranded at his daughter's college because of the Houston floods, so he made the best out of the situation:

5. This dad who was supposed to be helping his daughter move into her dorm, but instead became pretty popular at a party that was giving away free beer to ~hot~ dads:

6. This dad who works at NPR and accidentally posted the cutest status update about his daughter:


7. This dad who built an insanely awesome two-story playhouse for his daughters:

Flashes of Life Photography

8. This amazing dad who handled his daughter's potty accident in a heroic way (wetting his pants, too):

Lucinda Sowards / Via Twitter: @LucindaSowards

9. This genius dad who found a way to nap in the pool:

My dad bought a snorkel for the sole purpose of taking naps in the pool

10. This proud dad who wore a tie his son made for him in first grade to his graduation:

Supplied to BuzzFeed

11. This dad who wrote an open letter of support to Ariana Grande after the Manchester concert attack:

12. This dad who was hilariously interrupted by his kids during a serious BBC interview:

So this just happened on @BBCWorld - Love the kids! @Robert_E_Kelly

13. And finally, this adorable dad who features dogs on his business page for employee of the week:

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