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This Corgi Supported His Human Through A Home Birth And I'm Sobbing

Everyone should have a Corgi as their doula.

When Brooke Ellington of Midland, Texas gave birth to her son Boyd two years ago, her loving corgi, Ryder, was by her side for her entire labor and home birth. The photos were captured by Kristin Ann Photo, a local photographer who specializes in birth and newborn photos.

Kristin Ann Photo

Kristin Ann Photo is based in Odessa, Texas.

Sadly, not long after Boyd's birth, the family lost Ryder to lymphoma.

Kristin Ann Photo

And that's when a sweet puppy named Ranger became part of the family.

Kristin Ann Photo

Brooke told BuzzFeed, "I quickly filled the void with our sweet puppy, Ranger. I just couldn’t imagine not having that love from a corgi for my family. Ranger instantly fit in and became a big part of our family right away."

And when it was time for Brooke to deliver her third child (she also has an older son named Boone), Ranger was right there to give her lots of love and support.

Kristin Ann Photo

Kristin, the family's go-to photographer, told BuzzFeed, "...being a dog-obsessed person to begin with, I just had to take pictures of him loving and watching her."

Kristin Ann Photo

She said, "Ranger was so sweet and caring. He would lay under the bed watching Brooke while She was rocking back and forth on the edge. He would come and give her a kiss after she would go through a contraction."

Kristin Ann Photo

Brooke, who is also a trained doula herself, said that she regretted not having a photographer present for the birth of her first son, Boone.

Kristin Ann Photo

She explained:

With my first birth I didn’t have a photographer and so wish I had those memories to look at and share with my children. When I had Kristin photograph my second birth, it was like she just blended in and was a part of the family. This time with my third birth, I couldn’t imagine her not being there. She was such a calm presence and was so sweet with my kids and my corgi. I will always cherish the way she captured this moment of the birth of my surprise little baby girl, Berkeley Sue.

Brooke didn't realize just how present Ranger was until she saw the pictures.

Kristin Ann Photo

She said, "I remember him being there close with me as I labored, but didn’t realize he was by my side the entire time. It brought me to tears looking at the photos after my birth, seeing just how impactful he was to the entire event. It was like he really knew I was hurting and wanted to make sure I was okay."

Once baby girl Berkeley Sue was born, it was absolutely love at first sight for Ranger.

Kristin Ann Photo

Kristin told BuzzFeed, "Once the baby was here he was all about Berkeley. He just wanted to watch and sniff her."

Kristin says she hopes that "people see the beauty in birth through the eyes of Ranger."

Kristin Ann Photo

Brooke hopes that her experience will help other moms find a birth plan that makes them feel happy and supported.

Kristin Ann Photo

She said, "I hope my story encourages other moms to research their birthing options. Having your family, including your dog, can make you feel so loved and cared for during birth."

Looks like Ranger found his perfect forever family, and they found the sweetest, furriest, brother on the planet.

Brooke Ellington / Via

You can see more of Kristin Ann Photo's work on her website or by visiting her Facebook page.

Photos first published by Love What Matters.


Brooke Ellington's name was misspelled in a previous version of this post.