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This "Jurassic Park" Parody Starring Cookie Monster Is Pretty Much Perfect

It's called Jurassic Cookie. Grab some milk, the park is open!

The brilliant minds at Sesame Street have done it again with another classic pop culture parody. This one features Cookie Monster in a re-do of the original Jurassic Park, and it's pretty perfect.

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Cookie Monster stars as "a brilliant scientist, who had a brilliant idea."

"Welcome to Jurassic Cookie!"

"Just how big IS this Jurassic Cookie, Grandpa?"

Cookie Monster admits, "Okay, dat ONE BIG COOKIE!"



We all remember that classic kitchen scene from the original Jurassic Park, but what will they do to escape the giant cookie?

There's a clue! But what does the "H" stand for???

Well, it's not HULA...


It turns out, the giant dinosaur cookie just needed a HUG!

"This giant, prehistoric cookie smell delicious!"

Now the giant cookie has to run from Cookie Monster!!!!