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Posted on Dec 20, 2017

Can You Name The TV Show Based On The Last Names Of Three Random Characters?

What level of TV nerd are you?

Here's the rules: You will be given the last names of three random characters from a popular TV show, and you must name the show. Good luck!

  1. Kapoor, Scott,

  2. Cooper, Fowler, Hofstadter

  3. Cordero, De La Vega, Solano

  4. Andromedon, Schmidt, White

  5. Bishop, Day, Schmidt

  6. Boyle, Diaz, Holt

  7. Dorian, Kelso, Turk

  8. Burkhart, Kelso, Foreman

  9. Danes, Kim, Geller

  10. Haverford, Ludgate, Traeger

  11. Chapman, Diaz, Vause

  12. Ballard, Beene, Pope

  13. Adler, Truman, Walker

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