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You Can Only Call Yourself A True "Friends" Superfan If You Can Ace This A-Z Quiz

Could you BE more of a Friends fanatic?

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Instructions: Each answer must begin with the letter at the beginning of each question.

  1. A: Ross and Monica had a grandmother who died. Name that grandmother:

  2. B: Name the game show that Joey auditions to be the host of:

  3. C: Give the FIRST NAME of the character who was a love interest for two of the main characters:

  4. D: Give the FIRST NAME of the Canadian ice dancer who married Phoebe for a green card:

  5. E: What is the FIRST NAME of Joey's agent?

  6. F: What does Ross say Rachel's trifle tastes like?

  7. G: What award does Rachel practice winning with her shampoo bottle?

  8. H: Give the SURNAME of the downstairs neighbor who dies in Season 2:

  9. I: What is the BRAND NAME of the "lipstick for men" that Joey does a Japanese commercial for?

  10. J: Name the restaurant where Monica was the head chef for the final two seasons:

  11. K: What is the FULL NAME that Joey uses as an alias?

  12. L: Name the triplet whose FIRST NAME begins with L:

  13. M: What is Chandler's MIDDLE NAME?

  14. N: What is the NICKNAME Chandler has for his third nipple?

  15. O: Marcel gets cast in the sequel to what movie?

  16. P: What is the FULL NAME that Phoebe changes her name to after marrying Mike?

  17. Q: What food does Monica lose a fingernail in when catering a party for her mother?

  18. R: What is the LAST NAME of Joey's Days of Our Lives characters Drake and Stryker?

  19. S: Give the TITLE of the book (NOT counting the word "The") that scared Joey so much he put it in the freezer:

  20. T: Give the FIRST NAME of Rachel's young assistant-turned-boyfriend:

  21. U: What word does Ross think means a state of awareness from the Japanese fighting style, Karate — but is actually just freshwater eel?

  22. V: What is the TITLE of Kathy's favorite childhood book (not counting the word "The"), which Chandler goes out of his way to find her, as a gift from Joey?

  23. W: What is the name of Ross and Chandler's college band?

  24. X: What musical fantasy movie are Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey watching on the boys' new TV?

  25. Y: What country does Chandler tells Janice he is moving to?

  26. Z: What is the FIRST NAME of the main character in Rachel's erotic novel?

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