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Broadway Star Laura Benanti Throws Major Shade At Rude Audience Members With This Hilarious Song

That includes you, Madonna.

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Actress Laura Benanti has a message for rude theatergoers who feel the need to use their phones during a show. She wrote this hilarious song, arranged by Nick Cearly and Lauren Molina of The Skivvies to encourage people to "Look Up."

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Broadway performers work hard to bring you eight live shows a week. The least you could do is turn off your damn phone for a couple of hours.

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Seriously, you probably paid a lot of money and got all dressed up to be there, why would you act like you're sitting on your couch?

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Plus, you don't EVER wanna f*ck with Patti Lupone!

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Ooh, throwing a little shade at Madonna?!

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