"Bob's Burgers" Is Making History With A Fan-Animated Episode And It's The Coolest Thing Ever

    62 fan artists contributed to the episode airing this Sunday.

    Holy crap, you guys — Bob's Burgers continues to be the freaking best by having the Season 8 premiere be completely animated by fans. Here's a sneak peek of the opening sequence from the episode, which airs this Sunday on FOX:

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    FOX / Via youtube.com

    And, OMG...the opening sequence looks insane (in the best way possible)!

    The groundbreaking episode will feature animation drawn by 62 fans, in different styles and color schemes, and it's pretty f-ing rad.

    The producers asked die-hard fans with experience in animation to submit their own character designs, background designs, or main title sequences.

    Creator Loren Bouchard said he loves watching the episode and letting each style take over.

    We didn't want it to be the "best drawings," we didn't want slick and professional results, here. We weren't going for that. We wanted it to feel like it feels when you're online and you stumble across somebody's fan art — and maybe that fan is a kid, but some of those drawings have more life and energy in them than what we could draw.

    Is it Sunday night yet?