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    This Beautifully Inclusive Ad Will Make You Ugly Cry

    It's an ad for ALL kinds of families.

    Happy Family, a mom-founded organic food company is kicking us all right in the feels with this incredibly moving and inclusive ad for all types of families. BRB, grabbing some tissues.

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    Happy Family / Via

    The ad is called "This Is Happy," and takes us through a series of vignettes starting with the words "this is."

    The ad starts off with a pregnant woman telling her husband that it's go time.

    Happy Family / Via

    "This is it."

    We see two different pictures of what a happy place looks like.

    "This is my favorite."

    There's two dads introducing their son to the new family pup.

    Happy Family / Via

    "This is Scout."

    And a mother, reaching out for help.

    Happy Family / Via

    "This is really hard."

    Because being a parent is not always fun or easy.

    Happy Family / Via

    "This is not a toy."

    But little moments like this are so precious.

    "This is you."

    And this is the moment that changes everything.

    Happy Family / Via

    "This is..."


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